Learn how our toys can help your child's development

  • ¬†GROSS/FINE MOTOR SKILLS¬†- Your¬†child will improve their gross motor skills by crawling around and reaching for each piece and they will develop their fine motor skills through gently placing pieces on top of each other


  • PROBLEM SOLVING - Your child can hone their problem solving skills through figuring¬†out which pieces go where. For example, placing a smaller piece on top¬†of a larger piece for more stability or stacking the pieces in the correct order


  • HAND-EYE COORDINATION - The simple act of stacking will¬†heighten¬†the connection between your child's hands and sight. The more they stack, the quicker and more accurate they will become, thus improving their hand-eye coordination


  • IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY - Our stackers¬†come in many different¬†designs, which offers a wide array of stacking possibilities. You will be impressed to see your toddlers imagination come to life through their¬†creative use of our stackers¬†


  • CAUSE AND EFFECT - Observing a piece fall to the ground after placing it off balance on another piece, will teach¬†your child the basics of cause and effect. They will¬†adjust their placement until the piece is balanced and secure resulting in a minor victory


  • COLOR IDENTIFICATION - Our multi-colored stackers are a great starting point for teaching different colors. You can simply ask¬†your child to place a color on top of another color confirming their understanding of colors


  • BALANCE - Improves balance through stacking pieces on top of each other and strengthens core balance especially for babies just learning how to sit on their own